KONČAR’S PROZA Station becomes the first SCADA solution in the world to obtain a certificate according to international cybersecurity standards

KONČAR - Digital was awarded a certificate according to international cybersecurity standards.


Last week, the renowned German certification company TÜV NORD awarded KONČAR – Digital a certificate of compliance with the latest international standards for cybersecurity in critical infrastructure management systems. KONČAR’s PROZA Station became the first SCADA solution in the world to align with the international cybersecurity standard IEC 62351. German Ambassador Christian Hellbach presented the certificate to the CEO and a Member of the Board of KONČAR – Digital, Goran Leci and Stjepan Sučić. The ceremony was attended by KONČAR Group CEO Gordan Kolak, Deputy Ambassador Harald Seibel and Đuro Tunjić, Director of TÜV NORD Adriatic.

The IEC 62351 standard plays a key role in the field of cybersecurity of critical infrastructure, primarily because it defines the requirements that guarantee the safeguarding of confidentiality, integrity protection and communication authentication, with the overarching aim to enhance the security of remote control systems. “KONČAR has strategically focused on developing digital solutions for monitoring and management of critical infrastructure, in order to effectively respond to the demands of wide-reaching digital transformation and the green transition across Europe. Our goal is to become the leading IT company in the broader region, and obtaining this crucial certification marks a meaningful step towards accomplishing that objective. This is the result of intensive investments and dedication to achieving the highest standards of excellence”, said Gordan Kolak, CEO of KONČAR.

KONČAR - Digital was awarded a certificate according to international cybersecurity standards

KONČAR’s PROZA Station, the first digital solution in the world with this certification, is designed for cyber-secure management of transformer stations and other critical infrastructure systems, including access data centres. “Securing critical infrastructure and meeting the requirements of international standards and upcoming European regulations, particularly in the area of data security and communication within the management of critical infrastructure, present growing challenges that only a select few systems can effectively address. Successfully obtaining one of the most rigorous standards in industrial system security highlights KONČAR’s steadfast dedication to quality, safety, and alignment with the best global practices. It has been both an honour and a pleasure to be a part of this process”, pointed out Đuro Tunjić, Director of TÜV NORD Adriatic.

A key functionality of KONČAR’s digital solution is private computer cloud application using Docker containers. This drives greater efficiency in the implementation and maintenance of data centres, and enables the introduction of additional digital redundancy with the aim of enhancing the resilience of critical infrastructure systems. Such a solution facilitates rapid development of advanced energy networks through the widespread implementation of digital management in low-voltage distribution transformer stations. ”Cybersecurity of KONČAR’s digital solutions complies with the EU NIS 2 directive and the provisions of the upcoming Cybersecurity Act. This certification reaffirms KONČAR’s ongoing commitment to cybersecurity. In 2019, the earlier-generation SCADA platform, PROZA NET, was the first in the world to be certified under the rigorous ISA/IEC 62443, an international series of standards that address cybersecurity for operational technology in automation and control systems. Other KONČAR’s digital solutions underwent the same certification process:  PROZA LKKU, a unique solution for converting communication protocols and data concentration for industrial automation, and PROZA Station, the next-generation SCADA solution developed by KONČAR – Digital,” added Goran Leci, CEO of KONČAR – Digital.

KONČAR – Digital is a KONČAR Group member focused on developing products, services and solutions for advanced energy management, critical and urban infrastructure. The digitalization projects reflect KONČAR’s 40 years of expertise in developing industrial software for monitoring, management, and optimization of infrastructure across various sectors, including power engineering, e-mobility, data centres, transportation, water supply, and other types of transmission, distribution, and urban infrastructure.

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