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KONČAR Group members are independent companies which operate with their own organizational and management structure. Their collective expertise and products are integral to collaborative solutions across four segments: power generation, power transmission & distribution, rail solutions & infrastructure, and digital solutions & platforms.


Meet KONČAR Group

KONČAR - Electrical Industry operates across 4 business segments, with a total of 14 subsidiaries and one associate company, a joint venture with Siemens - Energy.

Our success is driven by the capabilities of our expert teams in designing and manufacturing components which are used in building advanced solutions and products.

Modern EPC company specialized for engineering and construction of power lines and substations, tunnel, road and highway equipment, steel structure assembly, and design of power and infrastructure facilities.
KONČAR - Digital
Digital solutions and software platforms for advanced energy management, critical and urban infrastructure, focused on the green transition and digital transformation.
KONČAR - Distribution and Special Transformers
Regional leader in the manufacturing of distribution, medium-voltage, and special transformers designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, harnessing the most advanced methods of calculation and design, manufacturing processes, and final inspection.
KONČAR - Electric Vehicles
Manufacturing, modernization and maintenance of electric rail vehicles. Building a global reputation with state-of-the-art low-floor trams and trains.
KONČAR - Electrical Engineering Institute
Research, development and certification institute. Leverages cutting-edge technologies to discover innovative solutions for efficient power conversion and transmission.
KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics
Developer and manufacturer of power electronics and solutions that constitute key components of trams, trains, transformer stations, and all types of power plants.
KONČAR - Engineering
Provider of engineering services in projects encompassing planning, construction, and reconstruction of advanced facilities and installations in the field of power engineering and railway infrastructure.
KONČAR - Generators and Motors
One of Europe’s leading generator and motor manufacturers, with a product portfolio based on cutting-edge knowledge, tools and eco-friendly technologies.
KONČAR – Infrastructure and Services
Management of energy sources, infrastructure, and services, as well as property management services for the needs of KONČAR - Electrical Industry.
KONČAR - Instrument Transformers
Manufacturer of instrument transformers for power plants. Harnessing new materials and technologies to respond to the needs of the global market.
KONČAR – Switchgear
Manufacturer of power transmission and distribution equipment - low-voltage switchgear, medium-voltage switchgear for primary and secondary distribution, and high-voltage switchgear for transmission.
KONČAR – Metal Structures
Experts for large-scale solutions - advanced welded components of large dimensions catering to the requirements of the energy, transportation, and industrial sectors.
KONČAR - Motors and Electrical Systems
Manufacturer of customer-specific motors and fans which feature adaptable design.
KONČAR - Renewable Energy Sources
Creating a cleaner future with development, maintenance, and facility management of plants for power generation from renewable sources.

KONČAR - Electrical Industry

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