New KONČAR innovation for the global market

KONČAR has launched a newly developed combined power voltage transformer, type SVE, marking the first of its kind on the global market.

KONČAR – Instrument Transformers has expanded its product lineup with a combined power voltage transformer, the first of its kind globally. This innovative unit integrates energy transmission windings, high-accuracy class windings for voltage measurement and protection devices, and high-accuracy class windings for current measurement and protection devices within a compact body. This transformer represents a seamless fusion of KONČAR’s VAU and VPT transformers.

In addition to its primary function, this transformer incorporates numerous advanced features inherent to KONČAR’s existing product range. These include immunity to ferroresonance, resistance to rapid internal faults (commonly known as explosions), the capability to discharge overhead lines, a robust insulation system designed to withstand very fast transients caused by circuit breaker or disconnector operations, and enhanced protection against transmitted overvoltages. 

In recent years, KONČAR - Instrument Transformers has made significant efforts to integrate biodegradable insulating fluids into its product range. As a result, type SVE transformer is a proud member of the rapidly growing  _GREEN_LINE_ family. 

Beyond just commercialization, this project serves as a crucial "funnel" for various R&D activities undertaken by KONČAR. Key aspects such as transmitted overvoltages, transformer resilience to modern grid conditions, extended measurement range, accuracy class under simultaneous loading, carbon footprint, and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) have been thoroughly investigated and analyzed. The findings from this project are applicable across our entire range of transformers. 

SVE transformator

It's essential to highlight that the SVE-123 prototype transformer, with a rated power of 50 kVA, was entirely developed, produced, and tested within KONČAR Group, predominantly in collaboration with KONČAR – Institute of Electrical Engineering. The extensive array of type, additional, special, and non-standard tests conducted on this transformer not only pushes the boundaries of existing standards but also prepares us for future challenges. 

The SVE transformer targets two primary applications. The first is compact substations for rural electrification, a growing trend worldwide. In this context, compactness, transportability, safety, and environmental impact are crucial, and the SVE offers advantages that competing products lack. The second application is auxiliary power supply for renewable energy sources, such as solar power plants, where compactness, current and voltage measurement, and energy transmission are essential. Additionally, the SVE transformer is suitable for auxiliary power supply in GIS installations, opening up new market opportunities. 

Finally, we want to emphasize that innovation remains at the heart of everything we do at KONČAR.

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