KONČAR – Generators and Motors makes a major breakthrough

KONČAR wins two major agreements with austria’s leading electricity company VERBUND.

KONČAR – Generators and Motors has won two new agreements for major projects in Germany and Austria, with the first realization phase worth over €10 million. The agreements for these large-scale projects further reinforce the competitive edge of KONČAR, Croatia’s largest exporter and regional leader in power engineering. The customer, Austria’s leading electricity company VERBUND, selected KONČAR’s bid for the comprehensive revitalization of two hydropower plants on the German-Austrian border, following a tender published in October 2022. Within the scope of the Egglfing – Obernberg project, KONČAR – Generators and Motors will manufacture a total of six completely new generators for the power plant on the German side of the border, while within the scope of the Braunau – Simbach project it will revitalize four generators and manufacture new stators and rotor poles for the Austrian side in the upcoming years.

Following several months of intensive bid preparation, on-site visits to both power plants and successful negotiations, in May 2023 KONČAR – Generators and Motors successfully signed agreements for both projects in the total value exceeding €10 million. The equipment for both projects will be simultaneously manufactured and delivered in the upcoming years. The on-site delivery of the first generator components is planned for Q1 2024, with manufacturing of the remaining generators planned in the period up to 2030, valued over several tens of millions of euro.

The Egglfing-Obernberg Hydropower Plant

The Egglfing-Obernberg Hydropower Plant is located on the German side of the Austrian – German border on the River Inn. The remaining scope of work encompasses the manufacturing of six completely new generators, the dismantling of old generators, the installation of new generators at the existing power plant and their commissioning. The project includes upgrading the power output of the 200-tonne generators from 16 MVA to 20 MVA. The Braunau-Simbach Hydropower Plant, also on the River Inn, is located on the Austrian side of the German – Austrian Border. The remining scope of work consists of revitalization of four generators, including new stators and rotor poles, the dismantling of old generators, with installation and commissioning of new generators. Within the project, the generators weighing more than 300-tonnes, will also undergo upgrade in power output from 32 MVA to 35 MVA.

KONČAR has previously secured a tender with the same customer, for the delivery of three new generators for the Ering – Frauenstein Hydropower Plant, which is in the final phase, and on-site operations are due to commence on the last generator.

“Successfully winning new capital strategic projects and signing agreements with VERBUND, Austria’s leading electricity company, propels KONČAR’s export expansion across the European market. It is important to highlight that this is one of the most fiercely competitive markets in Europe, which additionally validates our reliability, relevance and strong reputation arising from our top-quality. KONČAR Group has established itself as a renowned manufacturer of high-tech products and solutions at the European level. The projects underway, together with the new upcoming projects, enable KONČAR – Generators and Motors to secure continuous business for the period up to 2030, which is a significant precondition for the continuation of positive trends across KONČAR Group”, said KONČAR CEO Gordan Kolak.

The Austrian leading electricity company VERBUND announced the launch of other strategic projects in the near future, with new opportunities expected for KONČAR.

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