We delivered one of the largest stator housings to a customer in France

St. Tulle hydro-generator housing, with a total weight of 27.8 tons and a diameter of 7.6 meters, was manufactured in two parts and transported to the construction site, where it was subsequently assembled using connecting plates. 

In late August 2022, we delivered one of the largest stator housings to date. The hydro-generator stator housing weighing 27.8 tons, with a 7.6 meter diameter, was transported directly to the construction site in France. Manufactured in two parts, the housing was transported to the construction site and later assembled using connecting plates.

Given the large dimensions and the complexity of machining, each part was initially machined separately before the assembly for final machining. The housing was then disassembled again, and strip welding was performed to accommodate the rotor package. Lastly, a final layer of anti-corrosion protection was applied, and the equipment was delivered to the construction site using specialized transport.

Inspections were performed in the presence of the customer at every manufacturing stage. The size of the housing and its purpose necessitated demanding inspections over a period of several days.