We reconstructed 400/110 kV Ernestinovo TS and developed 400/200/110 kV Žerjavinec TS

Key points of the integrated power system

The essential pre-condition for connecting these two transformer stations as key points of the integrated power system was the reconstruction of the war-damaged 400/110 kV Ernestinovo TS, along with its associated lines, and the development of the 400/220/110 kV Žerjavinec TS with its associated lines. We maximized our know-how and expertise to successfully deliver the reconstruction and development of two complex plants in record time. An impressive portion of the installed equipment is the result of proprietary development.

On 17 November 2003, after eighteen months of works, the reconstruction of 400/110 kV Ernestinovo TS was completed. The TS was completely destroyed during the Homeland War, and the completion of reconstruction works was marked by connecting the circuit breaker towards TS Osijek 1. 

By connecting Ernestinovo TS - Žerjavinec TS to the transmission line, 400 kV transmission was re-established after a 13-year disruption. This project enhanced the security of the entire Croatian power system, particularly in the northeastern part of the country, enabling reliable and secure power supply and reconnecting Slavonia with this part of Croatia at 400 kV level.

Ernestinovo TS was of great significance for the future integrated power system. The connection of two UCTE synchronous zones in mid-2004 technically enabled the creation of the integrated EU energy market.

The new-generation Ernestinovo and Žerjavinec TS meet the highest global standards. We incorporated our know-how and equipment extensively within the project. For the first time in our history, we rolled out HV equipment, and implemented software solutions which are the result of proprietary development. 

These key energy facilities have since become a significant reference in our portfolio that have enabled us to secure projects across global markets.