Croatian wind farm know-how

We developed and built our own 17-turbine wind farm Pometeno brdo with the total connection capacity of 20 MW.

The prototype of our wind turbine on Pometeno brdo near Dugopolje was commissioned in August 2008. In March 2011, we installed and connected to the grid five additional wind turbines manufactured by KONČAR, completing the first construction phase. The entire Pometeno brdo project, consisting of fifteen 1 MW wind turbines and one 2.5 MW turbine, was executed in 2012. Subsequently, in 2014, we commissioned the seventeenth 2.5 MW turbine, bringing the total connection capacity of our wind farm to 20 MW.

This self-funded project represents a large-scale investment of company knowledge and know-how. We developed and manufactured the majority of the equipment installed at facility. The project has both opened up new manufacturing and export opportunities for us, and boosted Croatia's competitiveness.

We demonstrated our capability to manufacture equipment for wind turbines and affirmed our expertise in designing, planning, constructing, commissioning, and connecting advanced renewable energy projects to the grid.