Smart City Karlovac on KONČAR MARS IoT platform

How we digitalized city infrastructure management for Smart City Karlovac.

Project summary

We launched digital solutions for Smart City Karlovac in 2019, within the pilot project SenzoriKA. Within the scope of the project, we developed a range of solutions for the digitalization of city infrastructure, based on KONČAR MARS software platform. The platform offers a variety of benefits and ensures better monitoring and management of city services, increases efficiency, and drives down costs.

Digitalization in transport

An essential aspect of the urban plan for the City of Karlovac is the implementation of innovative solutions with the aim of creating more sustainable and greener operations.

In collaboration with partners and city-operated companies, we successfully developed and implemented many new smart digital solutions, such as monitoring parking space occupancy on an LED panel displaying the number of available parking spaces. 

Energy efficiency solutions

As part of the project, we developed energy efficiency and loss detection solutions for schools, control metering points for energy consumption (electricity, water, heating), and air quality monitoring in classrooms.

Environmental monitoring

We installed a meteorological station, providing residents and visitors of the City of Karlovac with access to various meteorological data on a special LED panel. We also developed remote monitoring of water meters, implemented measuring the fill levels of semi-underground mixed waste containers, meter reading and management of thermal substations, as well as remote temperature and humidity monitoring.

One system meets all needs

KONČAR MARS serves as the city’s central data monitoring system. The City of Karlovac has harnessed the power of digital technologies to realize significant savings, become more efficient and create a better experience in delivering public services to the local population.